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135 countries and counting.

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Expect an incredible experience with RocketRez. With 99.9% server uptime for the past 4 years and an extremely fast sales process, you can take reliability off the ‘to worry about’ list.

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Enterprise-Level Security

Security is critical to your business and your clients. RocketRez provides multi-tiered safeguards to keep all your data safe and secure.

  • Full PCI compliance
  • Bank-grade 256 bit SSL
  • Robust user management with a fully customizable permissions system
  • Complete employee auditing


In-Depth Analytics

Save time and increase your revenues by easily watching trends. RocketRez even helps you create your own custom reports to track just about anything. Using RocketRez you are free to view the data you want, when you want. Know everything about:

  • Orders
  • Clients
  • Products
  • Rates
  • Pre-paid passes
  • Certificates
  • Financials
  • and more…

“RocketRez is user-friendly and a breath of fresh air after experiencing some other system options!”
– Ashley from Blue Heron Cruises

Hardware Compatibility

Use your existing hardware to reduce switching costs or purchase new hardware to serve your clients even better. RocketRez supports a huge variety of computers, kiosks and mobile devices — including the hardware from your existing ticketing company.

“RocketRez has continued to surpass our expectations and allowed us to become more efficient and productive with reservations and sales.”
– Amanda from The Blue Heron Company

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Increased Profit

Whether your clients are buying online, on the phone, at a kiosk or from your ticketing agents, the purchase needs to be fast and accurate. Any additional time your client has to wait can result in a lost sale. At RocketRez we are constantly finding innovative ways to reduce ‘clicks’ in the sales process. The faster you can make a sale, the more sales you can make.

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