The RocketRez Cloud Platform

A modern, enterprise-ready platform to sell faster, analyze better and increase profits.

Comprehensive Point of Sale

Reservations and retail sales combined

RocketRez replaces your ticketing system and separate retail software with a fast, efficient and unified Point of Sale. Dramatically increase your bottom line by selling retail while you sell tickets: even on the same order! Add to this the savings you generate by only having to train staff on a single system, and you have an amazing formula for success.

“When our 550 person tour is about to leave things can get a bit hectic. RocketRez helps us get people onboard faster than anything we have used before.” – Audrey Milligan at Island Queen Cruise

Full hardware integration

Great software has to match with great hardware. RocketRez supports a wide variety of industry standard printers, scanners, cash drawers and credit card readers. It’s easy to setup self-serve kiosks and sell more tickets. Even mobile sales are painless. Use the exact same Point of Sale on a RocketRez-ready iPad with full mobile printing and credit card reading.

“RocketRez has made implementation so much easier by working with all our pre-existing hardware.” – Lindsay Brown at Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

All the bells and whistles

  • Client/Contact information
  • Order Notes
  • Customizable payment methods
  • Manager override system
  • Automatic rate selection
  • Multiple coupon types
  • Price overrides
  • Tax overrides
  • Multiple currency support

Tours & Schedules

Superior control of your tours, events and schedules

Powerful scheduling tools make setting up tours and events simple and straightforward. From rapid creation of recurring schedules to overriding a single time, RocketRez makes setup and management easy. Additional features include our new Custom Fields system, administrative trip locking and custom seat types (from general admission to VIP). Whatever your scheduling needs, RocketRez has you covered.

“RocketRez has the easist and most straightforward scheduling tools 
I have ever used in a ticketing system.” – Zach Harris at Wendella Boats

Track and manage your clients

Knowing which clients have arrived and which groups have paid is crucial to your operation. The manifest gives you instant access to all the information you need to manage your tours and events. RocketRez gives you the tools you need to deliver grade A customer experiences; happy customers = more customers.

Sell tickets and retail right on your own website

Today selling your tickets and retail products online has become critical to business success. Many of our clients sell over 30% of their tickets through website, mobile and kiosk sales. This rapidly growing sales channel provides a substantial savings in their staffing costs. RocketRez provides exactly what you need to quickly capitalize on these sales; right on your own website.

Example from islandqueencruise.com

“RocketRez has saved us hundreds of man hours this season with our online booking process.” – Nic McNair at Jerry’s Rogue Jets

Flexible sales features

Your sales process may differ from other companies. RocketRez provides you with a wide variety of ways to sell online group pricing and rates.

  • Create unlimited tour and retail sales portals
  • Supports promo codes and coupon tracking numbers
  • Upsell retail items during a ticket order
  • Easily run scheduled promotions and discounts
  • Support group pricing and rates

“This season RocketRez has tripled our online ticket sales. Instead of taking 3-4 minutes to book, clients can book in 30 seconds – even on their cell phones.” – Zach Harris at Wendella Boats

Ticket Scanning

Track every single ticket

Lost or invalid tickets waste both time and money. RocketRez dramatically improves the ticketing process by serializing each individual ticket. Need to reprint a ticket without worries of double use? No problem. Print onsite, at home or simply email tickets directly to your clients. And best of all… using our RocketScan ticket scanner you can instantly validate and check-in those same clients as they arrive with the guarantee that their tickets are valid. No more wasted time matching tickets to the manifest, RocketRez gives you instant savings in time and money.



Retail Sales

No 3rd-party retail POS required.

Needing separate ticketing and retail systems is a thing of the past. With RocketRez you can sell that t-shirt or gift certificate right on the same order as the tickets! Even complex products with custom options and promotions are no problem. Combined with our inventory management system, and the ability to easily sell product online, you will never need a separate retail POS again.



Detailed Reporting

Get the answers you need when you need them.

Collecting information is only one part of the equation. RocketRez provides easy-to-use, detailed, custom reporting in the areas you need it most: orders, coupons, clients, financials and many more. See sales trends and marketing successes and be able to make informed choices. Need some quick information? The dashboard displays important company details in one easy to access location. All the information you need whenever you need it.

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Additional Features


Client Management

Manage all your client data in one place and easily generate targeted marketing data.


Coupons & Discounts

Support a huge variety of discounting types, from custom coupons to Groupon, and increase customer conversions.


Financial Reporting

Know where every dollar is being allocated. No more painful manual labor accounting.


Flexible Tour Rates

Easily support peak and shoulder pricing models. RocketRez will automatically apply the appropriate pricing.


Unlimited Users

Customize the access level of each employee and view detailed audit information on each transaction.


Enterprise-Level Security

RocketRez uses the same level of security that your bank uses and is fully PCI compliant to safeguard your payment transactions.


Real-Time Communication

Keep in constant contact with your staff without needing a 3rd party solution like Skype or a cell phone.



RocketRez conforms to your unique and specialized needs. Do business the way you want to do business.

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