System Requirements

“The RocketRez staff are great to work with, explain things thoroughly and do not talk over your head. They are always there and ready to assist with any problem.”

– Kim Wark of Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

System Requirements

The following are suggested hardware and software requirements for the use of the RocketRez Cloud Platform.

The primary component of the system is named RocketOffice (primary sales and back office). Additional platform applications include RocketWeb (for website and kiosk sales), RocketScan (for ticket scanning). If you have questions regarding how RocketOffice supports your existing equipment please don’t hesitate to contact us at (877) 393-0004 x103.


Desktop Computer

A computer purchased within the last 5 years. Older computers may still function well, but this is a predicatable baseline.
Operating system
Chrome web browser (latest version)
An active internet connection


Any iPad newer than an iPad 2.
RocketRez Print Hub (a tool to allow you to print from any device to any printer)
Active internet connection (wireless or 3/4g)

Optional Hardware

Credit card swiper or credit card chip & pin scanner (Desktop or iPad)
RocketRez Print Hub (Desktop)
Barcode scanner (Desktop or iPad)
Cash drawer (Desktop)
Receipt printer (Desktop or iPad)
Ticket printer (Desktop or iPad)



Barcode scanner
Active internet connection (wireless or 3/4g)