Spotlight Features

Ticketing & Reservation

Assigned Seating Client inspired

Allow your customer to choose where they want to sit with airline-style assigned seating.

Barcode Ticketing

Stop ticket fraud and get real-time, accurate passenger manifests with our fast-scanning, barcoded tickets.

Product Ticketing

Product ticketing allows you to create barcoded tickets for retail items such as drinks, photos, gift shop items and more, making ticket scanning quick and easy.

Fast Ticket Sales

Get through that 300-person ticket booth lineup with our streamlined touchscreen POS system.

Print or email tickets

Print tickets automatically at the ticket booth or email them to your customers and scan it right off their phone.

Change Orders Easily

It’s a fact of life… customers change their mind. RocketRez helps you find, change, and refund orders in seconds instead of minutes.

Pre-paid Passes Client inspired

Need to sell a reusable ticket or non-time specific ticket? Pre-paid passes make this extremely easy.

Round Trip Tickets Client inspired

Sell round trip tickets with the ability to easily choose the return date.

Unlimited Point of Sale Layouts

Help make your business more efficient by setting up separate Point-of-Sale layouts for your ticketing booth, gift shop, administration office, concession stand, etc.

Intuitive Design

Simple and attractive design makes it easy to train staff and get work done quickly and efficiently.

Gift Certificates

Sell, track, refill and redeem gift certificates right within the Point-of-Sale.

General Admission

Sell tickets quickly and get people into your attraction. Need the tickets to expire over time? Not a problem.

Inventory Management

Manage your retail and tour inventory on a company-wide, venue or sales office basis.

Bundles Client inspired

Simplify your sales process by bundling in meals, retail items or fees directly into your ticket price.


Want to add an optional extra to a retail product? No problem with our powerful retail options system.

Event Packages Client inspired

Sell to large groups or private charters easily with fully customizable event packages.

“It’s great being able to support our front-line staff with that additional level of expertise to help solve client issues.”
– Eric Carter


Detailed Financial Reports

Keep your finger on the pulse of your operations with real-time, detailed financial reports.

Export Easily

Every report allows you to export directly into Excel or PDF format. Take full control over how you work with your business numbers.

Filter Data

Sometimes less information is more useful. Set how much or how little information you want to see on each saved report.

Real-time Results

Get the answers you need, when you need them. Our reporting allows you to see real-time results in a hurry.

Build Your Own Reports

Create reports on any aspect of your business. Want to know who used your 10% coupon to buy at least two tickets, a soft drink and chips last Thursday in your gift shop? Find out.

Charting and Graphs

RocketRez’s advanced reporting package provides users with a wide variety of charts and graphs to choose from.

Custom Dashboards

Design, format and save your own dashboard with multiple reports, charts, maps, text, hyperlinks, and images.

“I love the challenge of creating custom reports for our clients that free their office staff to concentrate on their customers instead of office busywork.”
-Calvin Martens

Online Sales

Direct Integration

Directly integrated into your website so your customers never leave your company website.

Fast and Simple

RocketRez’s streamlined and customizable online checkout process allow you to sell tickets within 30 seconds.

Mobile Friendly

Our responsive web engines automatically adjust for the screen size of any device, big or small.


Take full control over what is sold on each page of your website by creating and customizing as many web engines as you need.

Promo Codes

Enter in promo codes for coupons and vouchers directly within the checkout screen.

Kiosk Capable

Sell tickets on your kiosks with live ticket inventory.


Add terms & conditions, upsell retail items and adjust how much information needs to be filled out on each web engine.

Upsell Retail

No need for a secondary web cart. Upsell retail items as part of the checkout process or create an entirely different web engine that only sells retail items.

Web Schedule

Creating a Web Schedule is an easy way to allow customers to see all of your tours for one single day in the same place.

Concierge Client inspired

Encourage local business to use your services by giving them individually coded web portals that allow them to sell your tickets directly from your live inventory.



Want to know more about your clients? Ask them some questions. It could be critical like food allergies or just useful like how did you hear about us.

Google AdWords and Analytics Client inspired

Integration with Google AdWords and Analytics helps you track the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Robust Coupons

Run promotions and sales by offering coupons with a variety of discount types.


Sell through multiple 3rd-party voucher partners like Groupon, Travelzoo, etc.

Concierge Reselling Client inspired

Manage your partnerships with local businesses with ease. Customize rates, dynamic pricing, and commissions.


Enjoy the ability to sell tickets with a wide variety of 3rd-party resellers.

Customizable Reports

Sharpen your marketing efforts by tracking the success of each of your marketing channels.

Direct Emailing

Increase repeat business by sending offers and coupons directly to past customers.

“Being a Customer Support Representative, I want my clients to always feel like they have someone to listen to their ideas and company needs.”
-Madi Penner

Charter/Event Management

Contract Management Client inspired

Automatically generate contracts with as much detail as you want. Create and use as many contracts and sub-contracts as you need.

Flexible Event Packages Client inspired

Make booking events easy by creating adjustable templates for each of your common event packages.

Payment Schedules Client inspired

Setup custom payment schedules and keep track of when and how your customers are paying for their event.

Complete Customer Management

Keep all relevant information for your customers in one location. Contact info, payment and order history, contracts and marketing information.

Custom Scheduling

Private bookings are automatically checked against both the private and public schedule to eliminate double bookings at the source.

Venue Management

Have full control over how you book out your venues including the ability to sell tickets on a per room or per deck basis.


PCI compliant

We safeguard your payment transactions with full PCI compliance.

EMV/Chip & Pin

Help eliminate credit card charge backs with our chip & pin solution.

Extensive Processor Support

We support a wide variety of credit card processors including, most likely, the one you are currently using.

“Getting to know clients is my favorite part of this job, and I’m always inspired to go the extra mile for them.”
-Haylee Harel

Security & Backup

Bank Grade 2048-bit SSL

Sleep well at night knowing your business data is protected by the same level of security as your bank.

Mobile 4G Support

Our small data footprint means you have the full functionality of the RocketRez system anywhere you have a cell signal.

World Class Hosting

We employ only the best enterprise-level hosting services to make sure your system is always online when you need it.

Continuous Backup

Never lose business due to an outage. Every transaction is backed up to a duplicated backup system.

99.9% Uptime

Over the past 4 years we achieved an impressive record of over 99.9% uptime.


No New Equipment Necessary

In most cases we can use your existing hardware. Feel free to send us a list of your hardware and we will confirm their compatibility.

iPad Support

Our entire platform can be run from any standard iPad, making it possible to sell tickets anywhere!

Mobile Scanning

Scan tickets anywhere by turning any iPhone into mobile ticket scanner.

Touchscreen POS

Increase customer satisfaction by utilizing our touchscreen POS to sell tickets in 30 seconds or less.

Ticket & Receipt Printing

Fully compatible with a massive variety of ticket and receipt printers.

Kiosk Capable

Setup kiosks with ease directly within the RocketRez platform.

Rapid Ticket Scanning

Check-in visitors quickly with our quarter-second, barcoded ticket scanning.


Support Portal

Our help files, library of knowledge articles, and customer support ticketing system ensures easy access to find answers when you need them. 

Dedicated Support Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable in-house support staff are waiting to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We are just a call away!

User Community Forums

Join with other users to suggest new features.

Personal Training

During training, our support staff take the time to learn your business and help you configure RocketRez to best benefit your operation.

Training Videos

Learn our software (or brush up your knowledge) at your own convenience with our growing library of training videos.

Optional Onsite Training & Setup

We have support staff available to fly out and help you onsite with training and setup.

“One of my favorite things about my role as a Customer Success Representative is the opportunity to build unique relationships with each client I represent. I get to work closely with some of the best people from around the world!”
-Mercedes Peters


Custom Features

We have long since discovered that our clients are our best source of new feature ideas.  Have a feature you can’t do without?  Give us a call!

User Development Groups

Structured and interactive user group activities with a wide variety of exceptional companies.