Our Company

RocketRez was founded in John Pendergrast’s basement in the Fall of 2011. As with all great businesses, it started with an idea, a single client, and a dream. We now have clients from Alaska to Florida from California to Boston and everywhere in between. Our success has come through hard work, great relationships, and amazing new feature ideas from our clients.

Fundamentally, RocketRez is about people. We follow a simple formula: Treat people like you would like to be treated. Your concerns are our concerns. If you have issues at 7:00 PM on a holiday weekend we are there to resolve it with you. We are in this together. It is really that simple. Great software is important, but great relationship is crucial. Give us a call. We would love to get to know you better.

Our Company Gallery

Early days at the new office

When we first began work at the new office the downstairs was still being painted.  We set Eric up with a desk, a computer, and some plants to keep him company.

A regular day at the office

Not quite so many plants, but far more desk space.  This is a regular day in our office.

Eric in his office

While it looks in the previous picture that Eric still doesn’t have an office, we did give him one.  Here is proof.

We still know how to have fun

While most of the time we are on the phone or working on customer requests… every once in a while things get interesting.  This is a fort that was built out of our trade show booth flooring… tape balls throwing may have been involved.

Carlin hard at work in his office

Carlin and John spend a lot of time on the phone in meetings.  This is a little insight into what that looks like from our end.

A small in joke...

Those of you who remember our user group dinner from a couple of years ago will remember Calvin’s strange drink creations… Here he is with another odd combination: strawberry, cucumber and Bailey’s.

Janitorial Staff

While John’s kids will likely not love it… our company gallery would not be complete without an image of our faithful janitorial staff.