Our Team

Our Team

John Pendergrast CEO

John Pendergrast, has spent 18 years developing innovative solutions to complex problems.  For the last 12 years, John has been consulting and developing product specifically within the tour and attraction marketplace.  In those brief moments of free time he dreams of his next visit to Ireland with his family.

Carlin Thiessen CFO

Carlin is a strategic and profit-focused leader with 17+ years of progressive management experience, including 11 years in senior leadership roles as CFO, President, and General Manager.  His expertise in business development and data-driven approaches to solving customer problems adds significant capabilities to the RocketRez team.

Eric Carter Customer Support Manager

Eric has considerable expertise with POS systems and in building and maintaining excellent customer relationships.  He has spent the last 2 years developing new and unique training systems to better on-board new clients.

Mercedes Peters Customer Success Manager

Mercedes is a Customer Success Manager who takes pride in giving our clients quick, detailed and accurate solutions. She came to RocketRez in May 2017 and her favorite part about working with the RocketRez Team is the welcoming environment that encourages personal growth and success. When she’s not working, you’ll find her laughing with her husband, playing with her dogs, or reading a book.

Ben Guy Senior Developer

Ben is a web and database developer with 25 years experience in industries as varied as UK defence, telecoms and education. He loves to be challenged with anything from managing a large financial database to writing an AI recommendation engine or designing an innovative e-commerce experience. No challenge is too complex when you put your mind to it.

James Pelech Senior Developer

James is a senior software developer with over 20 years of experience in building enterprise applications. Since joining RocketRez in 2017 he has focused on creating new features such as timekeeping and payroll. When not working, he enjoys spending time cross-country mountain biking.

Calvin Martens Business Report Developer

Calvin came to us with 12 years of experience in the financial advisor industry including 6 years in technical roles at various financial firms. Since joining us 2 years ago, Calvin has used the skills he learnt creating financial plans to become an expert in all things reporting. He loves to travel and is hoping to be able to bring his family along to some of the spots he has been able to visit since working for RocketRez.

Madi Penner Customer Success Representative

Madi is a Customer Success Representative who joined RocketRez in March 2018. She has an eye for detail and photography, and as our resident artist can often be found helping the rest of the team make things prettier.

Haylee Harel Customer Success Representative

Haylee is a Customer Success Representative who joined RocketRez in March 2018. She loves getting to know our clients and is always ready for a laugh. She will never back down from a challenge, so if you need help, Haylee is your girl.

Nathan Isaak Senior Developer

Nathan is a software developer who loves problem solving. His passion is to create tools, websites, and applications that make life (and business) easier and bring joy to users. When not working with computers he enjoys hobby farming, fishing, and any reason to get outdoors.

Sam Moisan Customer Success Representative

Sam is a Customer Success Representative who came to RocketRez all the way from Quebec City, Canada, and is fluent in French. He has years of experience in the hospitality industry, where he developed a weakness for fine foods. Sam enjoys philosophical and theological discussions, clever pranks, and playing board games with his amazing wife. He loves problem solving, and you will often hear him referred to as the RocketRez “testing wizard”.

Steve Penner Customer Success Representative

Steve is a Customer Success Representative who joined RocketRez in January of 2019. After renovating our office and building our work spaces, Steve was asked to come aboard and provide excellent service for our clients.

Gina Cameron Sales Consultant

Gina comes with almost 20 years’ experience working in the Passenger Vessel Industry. The past 10 years Gina’s main focus was on Ticketing, I.T. and Customer Service. Her 20 years of experience helps her relate to clients and understand their needs. She is extremely passionate about providing clients with a business solution that can improve all aspects of their business.